Audio Wise is specialised in the design, development and construction of phono pre-amplifiers, passive pre-amplifiers and combined phono-passive pre-amplifiers: all of which are aimed at music lovers who seek a serious improvement in musical sound quality from their audio system.
Having recognised the inherent superiority of the vinyl LP,  the focus of our attention has been the phono pre-amplifier.
A  complementary range of  passive pre-amplifiers has also been developed – which, being completely free of any electronic circuitry, are capable of far out-performing conventional pre-amplifiers.
All of our models are entirely hand built and customisable to suit individual needs

Keith Marshall

Ever since his teenage years Keith has been fascinated by the reproduction of recorded music.
Building your own equipment was for many a financial neccessity in the 1960’s, an activity which stimulated him to find out how things work and how to to improve them – a learning curve that has continued to the present day, more than a half century later.
Born and educated in the UK, now resident of the Netherlands for many years, Keith founded the successful Dutch loudspeaker brand Impulse in 1986.
Since his retirement from this 5 years ago his time has been spent pursuing his lifelong interest in analogue audio …which lead eventually to him to starting up his new Audio Wise company in February 2018. 
Keith is indebted to the  inspirational people mentioned below for their wisdom, help and support


Richard Murdey

Richard, born in the UK and educated in Canada, is currently a research scientist at the University of  Kyoto, Japan, where he is working on organic semiconductors. Since his early student days, he has developed an interest in DIY electronics: activities that lead to him establishing RJM Audio in 1999 – which specialises in offering “homebrew” recipes and kits to the DIY audio community. Probably the most well-known of Richard’s projects is the VSPS – the Very Simple Phono Stage – a design in keeping with the “Less is More” principle that Keith strongly believes in.
Today his various headphone and phono stages have evolved into the Sapphire headphone/line amp and Emerald MM/MC phono stage, available as bare boards or kits at RJM Audio. Richard’s speciality is making attractive, electrically optimized board layouts, though he also enjoys simulation, electronics theory, and circuit design.
Richard’s VSPS and superb S-Reg (shunt regulated power supply) are at the heart of our SOLO phono stages, while the more advanced and elegant Emerald design for MM and MC cartridges – also featuring the S-Reg – is used in the TRIO
Thanks to Richard for sharing his seemingly unbounded knowledge!

Lourens Ouweltjes

Lourens is a passionate music lover with a technical background. Embarking on a career in Audio some 12  years ago was therefore for him a natural step to take.
With a fair dose of luck and an eagerness to succeed he set about developing a very high quality lubricant for turntable bearings and a world renowned vinyl cleaner under his   QS Audio brand. He is also a very knowledgeable collector of vinyl recordings and has great experience in optimising playback systems to extract as much information as possible from the grooves of an LP.
Many thanks to Lourens for all the advice and encouragement he has willingly given over the years!

“In The Groove”

“In the Groove” is an informable club of friends who share an interest in Analogue Audio and a love of Good Music (and the occasional wee dram of whisky)!
All of the members have shown their support by using our phono pre-amplifiers and in a couple of cases passive pre-amps in their own music systems …. and lending their well trained ears in listening tests.
So many thanks also to Gerard R., Ton, Charles, Gerard B., and Theo!

© Audio Wise 2018

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