The phono pre-amplifier  is the the heart of the analogue source chain of components and, as such, the most important link!
In any upgrade of the phono source (turntable, arm, cartridge, phono pre-amp and wiring) it is worth investing in as good a phono pre-amp as your budget permits as the first step.

The phono pre-amp performs two very important functions:-

   • RIAA¹   de-emphasis of the incoming signal from the cartridge
   • amplification of this tiny signal to line level for further amplification

Excellent phono pre-amplifiers have to be designed and executed to very exacting standards – to minimise noise and distortion .

Our phono pre-amplifiers easily meet the high standards required to reward you, the listener, with the musical treasures to be found in the grooves of your precious vinyl disc collection

¹  The pre-emphasis curve applied to the music signal before cutting a LP record – standardised in 1953 by the Recording Industries Association of America (RIAA)
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